A quick tour of html deprecated junk

So I was looking around checking on deprecated elements for xhtml 1.1 and discovered there isn't a good spot on the web that gets all the changes...so here's a quick rundown

Changes from xhtml 1.0 strict to xhtml 1.1

1. ruby extension (asian characters cheat sheet)
2. use id instead of name for a and maps
3. use xml:lang instead of lang

Changes from html 4.1 strict to xhtml 1.0 strict
1. All tags must nest properly
2. all lower case tags
3. all attributes must be quoted
4. no attribute minimization (e.g. checked="checked")
5. close all elements (<p></p>) close empty elements (<hr />)
6. name is deprecated on a, applet, form, frame, iframe, img, and map
7. cdata for escaping (
< ![CDATA[
... unescaped script content ...
8. use &amp; not &

deprecated tags
<applet></applet> instead use <object></object>
<embed /> and <noembed></noembed> instead use <object></object>

Changes from earlier html to 4.1
deprecated tags
* <basefont />
* <center></center>
* <dir></dir>
* <font></font>
* <isindex />
* <menu></menu>
* <s></s>
* <strike></strike>
* <u></u>

deprecated attributes
align <caption>, <img />, <table>, <hr />,
<div>, <h1 ..6>, <p>
alink <body>
background </body><body>
bgcolor </body><body>, <table> <tr> <td> <th>
clear <br />
compact <ol>, <ul>
color <basefont>, <font>
border <img />, <object>
hspace <img />,</object><object>
link <body>
noshade <hr />
nowrap <td>, <th>
size <basefont>, <font>, <hr />
start <ol>
text <body>
type <li>
value </li><li>
vlink <body>
width <hr />, <pre>, <td>, <th>
vspace <img />,<object>

Interestingly enough, there are quite a few attributes - especially in forms and tables, that aren't deprecated yet - including the original source of the web search - size on an input

so forms have - the common attributes( class, id, xml:lang, dir, title) and then events (onfocus et al)

form (action, method, enctype, accept-charset, accept)
label (for, accesskey)
input(type, name, value, checked, disabled, readonly, size, maxlength, src, alt, tabindex, accesskey, accept)
select (name, size, multiple, disabled, tabindex)
optgroup (disabled, label)
option(selected, disabled, label, value)
textarea(name, rows, cols, disabled, readonly, tabindex, accesskey)
button(name, value, type , disabled, tabindex, accesskey)

and tables have the common attributesand

table ( summary, width, border, frame, rules, cellspacing, cellpadding)
thead (valign, align)
tfoot (valign, align)
tbody (valign, align)
colgroup (valign, align, span, width)
col (valign, align, span, width)
tr (valign, align)
th, td (abbr, axis, headers, scope, rowspan, colspan, valign, align)

Which suprised me because I didn't realize that quite a few attributes are still legal :)


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