Rebellion - Introduction

By Aurora Eos Rose

Author’s Notes

Part 1 – Disclaimers and Legal

I do not own, nor claim to own, although I do wish to own, Sailor Moon in any incarnation. They belong to a bunch of people with way too much money. I do not wish to make any money off this, well I wish but since I don’t own the rights…well, that can be a long story. Anyway, the rights belong to whoever the heck owns them including Kodansha, Naoko Takeuchi, DIC, Cloverway, Teoi, et. al.

This story is has some fantasy elements, but is not based on any previous story or movie.

Part 2 – Story

This is rated R, like a Fatal Attraction R, a very big R for restricted for a reason. This story is not intended for young audiences, it’s not something I’d want anyone under fifteen or so reading. This story deals with themes of rape, revenge, incest, murder, war, magic, and can be very bloody and graphic at times. If you like sappy, happy stories don’t continue. You’ve been warned, no letters about content please. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

This is a completely fantasy oriented piece, but still retains some of the ideals of sailor moon, although I came up with a new magic system to fit the story. It’s fanfiction because these are NOT my characters, although I do put them through some major angst.

Part 3 – Names Chart

Character Color Element Side Gem Name
Usagi White Wind Empire Diamond Oriana
Mamoru Brown Earth Kingdom Garnet Conal
Minako Yellow Light Empire Topaz Aurelia
Kunzite Black Gravity Empire Onyx Quillon
Makoto Green Wood Kingdom Emerald Sheridan
Nephrite Purple Lightning Kingdom Amethyst Sloan
Ami Blue Water Kingdom Sapphire Ferelith
Zoisite Aqua Ice Empire Aquamarine Varian
Rei Red Fire Kingdom Ruby Brenna
Jadeite Gray Metal Empire Hematite Cassius

Part 4 – Posting

This story is only to be posted at, and I’ve had problems with other sites not taking down old and/or outdated stories, so please no requests to post the story elsewhere.



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