Blog Updated

I finally stopped being lazy and updated my blog to the latest wordpress (even updated my plugins) so if you can't manage to post a comment or find a bug please fling me an email. Someone really needs to create PHP blogging software with configurable templating systems and databases (Habari is looking good, but I don't …


Well, I've been promising to get the autobuilds site "alive" for weeks now - finally you can find what you're looking for at

Php User Streams - why doesn't anyone use them?

Php user streams are amazing - they're powerful, fun, and make things like a templating system with filters and multiple back ends quick and easy.

Builds for gtk2 additional widgets

There has been a great deal of work done to get some additional gtk widgets as extensions for PHP-GTK2. These widgets include GtkSourceview, GtkSpell2, GtkHtml, GtkExtra, LibGlade and LibSexy (now watch as the hits climb over having sexy in this blog post...)

If you can compile it....

No I'm not dead...although my brain feels like it is. I've been working on getting large quantities of php extensions compiling on windows...which requires a great deal of hunting down (and often compiling) libraries.

Race for new functions

Gtk is kicking my rear... I can compile iconv, gettext, zlib, libjpegm freetype and even annoying fontconfig (with a few patches) with both msvc and mingw and drop them anywhere and have them run properly, and I can compile glib and gtk with mingw perfectly, and php5 with php-gtk2 with msvc perfectly. But I can't seem …

I'm not dead - Compiling Gtk on Windows

I've had an...interesting... week. First the kids were home the entire first week of this month (stupid winter break) which limited my computer time. Then I ended up with mastitis and spent two days in bed with a fever. Of course after the weekend when I could get to the doctor and get drugs I recovered …

Resolution Time

Once again, here is the all powerful New Years Resolutions list - most are of little interest to others but it helps me to write it down. I've found very specific things tend to get done better than generalized items: