Belated New Years Resolutions

Well, here's the promised resolutions post, a little late. I actually did start it earlier, but life and kids interrupted. We'd been planning to go the the Museum of Science and Industry for almost a month now to see the Star Wars exhibit before it closed with the kids. Well in addition to that I had wrap up of my old job and get stuff in place for my new job...and then my younger two children got sick on the way back and the two feet of snow was sublimating as we drove back (holy bad visibility batman) in the 55 F weather (in January people!)

First of all, there are a lot of changes in my life. I've left my old job doing intranet apps and officially joined the OmniTI crew. For now I'll be telecommuting with occasional visits. I'm also putting my youngest son into day care. At three - almost four - he's just too much for me to handle with working (his younger sister is still staying at home for now). And working full time will be quite a change for me.

On to the resolutions:

  • Lose Weight: I think we need a PHP weight loss group. I have 20-30 lbs left of "baby fat" to get off, and of course the last little bit is always the hardest. A good plus is I have a built in exercise program - four kids and a large dog that needs at least 2 walks a day
  • Clean: Yes I'm horrid at housecleaning, probably because I hate it so much. I've decided it's a question of motivation for me. So I'm motivating myself by giving myself a salary for a four hour Saturday cleaning fit. As a nice side effect, housecleaning is a good workout.
  • Projects: I have several code projects that I need to make some headway on
    1. Callicore: PHP-GTK2 application system
    2. Forkr: PHP5.3 namespace ready code library, framework, and application scaffold (wow that's a mouthful)
    3. PECL and PHP: PECL picks, getting maintainers, and the great compile project for libraries for windows on newer compilers
    4. Perisama: get the builds up on a more regular basis and make it pretty
    5. PHP-GTK2: get that code completion up to 100% and get a nice wix based msi windows installer working
    6. WinAPI: keep working on making more of the windows api available and useful
  • Writing: I have both "code" writing and "pleasure" writing goals. I have several fiction works in various stages and articles I'd like to get done. I'm aiming for the one professional article a month, a half hour fiction writing a day, and one blog post a day (don't look at me like that, I made it to March one year).
  • Organization: I need to find a way to keep all the mom stuff and professional stuff organized in a nice neat way so I don't miss important things on my "todo" list. Wish someone made some good software for that...or I had the time to write some...

Well, that's my relatively short but hopefully doable resolutions for this year!


Cal Evans

I think ramsey said it best in #phpc

(PHP Weight Loss Group)++


2008-01-07 11:06 am

Vidyut Luther

Good luck on the weight loss, and on all the other goals you've set.
Also, congrats on the OmniTI. Smart bunches of folkses they are.

2008-01-07 3:51 pm

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