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I finally stopped being lazy and updated my blog to the latest wordpress (even updated my plugins) so if you can't manage to post a comment or find a bug please fling me an email. Someone really needs to create PHP blogging software with configurable templating systems and databases (Habari is looking good, but I don't see enough action and far too much fighting, much like PHP at the moment) and Wordpress...well let's just say if code is poetry, this is Dr. Seuss not Shakespeare. All clever sayings aside, it works for now with some hacking, and I'm too busy doing other things to put "write better blogging software" at the top of my todo list (and won't even bother trying just to help current software since previous attempts to provide patches have been ignored.)


Bubux from #php-gtk

Keep up with the hard work on php-gtk! Thank you for all your help!

May you have success in every aspect of your life.

Consider me your friend.

Bruno A. Blank Cassol.

2007-05-21 3:25 pm

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