Clone Wars

It's so nice to see a second season of clone wars coming out, and the trailer for episode III gives me hope that maybe lucas didn't ruin ALL the prequel films. I wish the man would understand that although he is excellent at overall storytelling and directing action sequences, he should NEVER be allowed to work with live actors or write dialouge, he is NOT talented in those areas.

But here's hoping the actors in Ep. III can overcome the man's inherent flaws and turn out a really good movie.

I have this padme/anakin/vader story floating in my head, but I've refused to write anything until I see the new movie, so I can realistically break canon :)

Clone Wars tonight at 7:00 I wish they were showing it at 9:00 and 12:00 too, that's prime "get kids to bed" real estate.

At least I can watch it on the computer later.


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