Microsoft Blinked

Well, I suppose most of you have heard that microsoft is planning on releasing an Internet Explorer 7 for users of windows xp service pack 2 this summer. Well at least the beta is this summer. Then we'll have testing cycles, pre-releases, and a mid-2006 final release. So why the big deal about this?

The big deal is that microsoft stated they weren't GOING to do anymore explorer releases until longhorn (their in the works operating system that keeps getting shoved back). Cnet has the "official" story along with a link to the microsoft IE blog - that place just makes me laugh, and the press release of the actual announcement.

What's amusing to me is the response from developers, expecially those on the Firefox side of the issue. They're in a "bring it on" state of mind. And the web designers are griping that this will only be a "security" enhanced version - XPSP3 in essence, and will do nothing for the problems of standards support in IE7. Suppose the javascript IE7 will have to change it's name to IE8 - it's what I use to make Internet Explorer cooperate without having to resort to millions of css hacks.

Still, I think the fact that the popularity of firefox just made microsoft blink says something for all those crazy firefox nuts (like me). Have YOU tried a real browser today?


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