Obsession with July 4th weekend

Ugh - first my sister had her middle child on july 3rd - then my father got remarried on july 3rd, now my cousin is getting married that same weekend.

What is it with people and taking the one weekend of the year that my husband actually gets off of work, when we normally have some kind of vacation plans, and people feeling the necessity to shove some kind of "I have to attend" event into it? Granted the birthday thing wasn't completely controllable, but July 4th weekend is NOT a good time to have a wedding. Instead of spending time with my family at the beach or camping I end up at family events, dressed up, hot, uncomfortable and genuinely grumpy.

Just a general note to all people - don't plan "special occasions" on holidays - it is NOT cool to schedule a c-section on christmas. Well, that's my mini-rant for the day.... people don't get many vacations as it is, don't steal them :)


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