PECL on Windows - Yes I'm odd

So my current project is complete (my build system is working except for the automatic part - need a new nic so it can upload without me repairing the connection...and a new libssh2 that doesn't crash on disconnect) next on my list is the "GREAT PECL WINDOWS FUN HAPPY"...err I'll stop now.

So what is my PECL Windows nut project? Pretty simple, get every PECL extension imaginable compiling for windows. Now there will be some that are just frankly impossible (but there are some extensions that are impossible on *nix as well - you're not going to see me messing with xmms) What does this mean? Playing with lots of open source libraries, fixing simple errors, creating config.w32 files for extensions. Basically just looking at what is broken and fixing it. Since Wez has so kindly given me cvs access to PECL (don't hurt me, I'm just fixing build errors) I've already started on the project. And boy does PECL need the love. My first order of business? Fixing the amf extension's config.w32 file, took me all of five minutes. I'm hoping to continue to fix between 1 and 5 extensions a day. Some will take lots of work (uuid and xmlprci come to mind) where some will be very simple (find the library, roll a config.w32 file, we're done) however there are over 200 extensions, plus the "core" ones that haven't been booted to PECL, so this will take me awhile.

I'm making sure my fixes get put back into cvs, and I'm sending any libraries I beg, borrow, steal or compile to get put on the PECL4WIN box so you can get "official" builds, as well as getting builds at Perisama

What do I get out of this? Lots of cool php extensions I bet you've never even heard of, that are dead easy to install on windows. And brain exercise (too much code monkeyness makes me unhappy). If you have an extension NOT in PECL that you'd like to see on perisama, give me a URL and I'll hook it up. I'm currently tackling a php ffmpeg extension, so if you have more out there, please shout!



This is great news, and if anyone here is curious to watch PECL commits... the archives exist here:

2007-05-22 8:28 pm

Elizabeth Smith's Blog: PECL on Windows - Yes I'm odd...


2007-05-24 2:28 am » Elizabeth Smith’s Blog: PECL on Windows - Yes I’m odd

[...] a new post on her blog today, Elizabeth Smith talks about her “PECL Windows nut project” of [...]

2007-05-24 4:08 am

Damien Seguy

According to stats extracted from the QA list, people run PHP with 5 to 54 extensions.

I realized that my Mac OSX version is the one running with 57 extensions. I also have a
short list of extensions I tried, and that I couldn't have working on my mac.

I won't have time to publish such information, but if a public place is made available, I'm
ready to commit my compile tests somewhere. Something simple like :

extension name; distribution-or-pecl; library compiled; extension compiled

Extracting info from QA should be easy and informative.

2007-05-24 4:55 am


That kind of information is probably something that should go into peclweb itself, however I'm already overcommited at the moment. Can we get a volunteer to get peclweb pounded into something cooler? after all PEAR is getting all sorts of new features ;)

2007-05-24 7:17 am


Come up with a list of features... Yes the situation of having three different maintainers for websites (php, pear, pecl) is unfortunate but the current reality. At this point the three are different enough to make it hard to get it together better. Regardless, feel free to post feature requests... maybe someone will add it one day. I might. The key is having the todo available for someone to easily find and tackle.

2007-05-24 10:14 pm

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