Security and Firefox - you can't handle the truth

Well - it's interesting how much "press" (I have a very dim view of press in general) is bashing firefox security, which is amusing for me. It IS inherently more secure than IE for the simple reason that it's not tied into the OS, and anyone who thinks differently needs to read some more. It WILL get more attacks as it grows in popularity, that's a given. However, it fixes bugs quickly, something IE does NOT do, and something IE tends to gloss over all the time. Even if firefox has three hundred more bugs than IE, if they're fixed within a week, maybe two - then who's really more secure? The one with bugs that are ignored? or the one with fixed bugs?

Silly Silly - but the article is a very nice respose to a very poorly done article. Too bad the "reporter" - and I use the term very loosely - didn't both to actually do research before posting the piece.


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