Sick Kids eat your time

My youngest has The cold from hell, you know, the kind that makes you all raspy and the yellow gunk out of the nose, the fever, the general grumpiness. And of course, he wants to be held all the time. Ugh, I hate it when kids get sick, I can't get anything done. It's generally hard do do dishes with a baby on the hip, even harder to do laundry and ironing and cleaning and all the other stuff I have to do every day. So I haven't had any time to write or code or....anything.

He better start getting better soon or I may lose my mind. On the other hand, robuitussin for kids is some great stuff. And my kids are all weird because tylenol doesn't work on them, they have to have motrin. How odd is that? Although that must be inherited because I have the same problem.

My oldest son is the most annoying when he's sick though, and not because of any whining. His problem is the slightest illness spikes a fever. So he gets a case of the sniffles. You know the kind where you sneeze for a day and have to blow your nose and are better in two days. He runs a 102 fever and gets sent home from school. Doesn't matter how minor the illness, he will always spike a fever, and usually a high one - 103-104 is the usual. (remember, I'm a dumb american, I measure in Farenheit)

Well, back to the whiny baby...


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