Spring Break and Kids

Well, yesterday I sent my oldest son to Arizona with his grandma for spring break. I made plans in advance because the very last thing that anyone wants is their kids HOME during spring break. Then I'd have to come up with all kinds of ways to keep him busy and generally out of my hair. I love my son but seven-year-olds can be dang obnoxious. Especially very smart ones.

I'm also planning things for him to do this summer. I have him signed up for one summer day camp in the area and I'm going to see if I can find another one as well. I also need to put him in swimming lessons and tennis lessons too - ah the joys of being a kid. And since the tennis courts are across the street, he can dang well learn to play.

I do have to be careful, however, that I don't try to turn the kid into superman - you know the kind who are in every sport and don't even have time to breath because they're in so many activities, while balancing it with the fact that he needs to get out and do something active, and I'd like him to learn some basic things - like to how to play all the sports, even if he doesn't continue into middle or high school, how to play the piano, etc.

Right now he's in gymnastics. There's an all boys class at the local gymnastics center and they have a great time. They even have a kid sized set of parallel bars and rings. My middle son is three and is desperate to get into the action. He'll have to wait until next year though. Then he'll be able to start getting out of the house - with pre-school and gymnastics. I'd like both of them to take a year or two of dance lessons so they don't have three left feet, and I think they'd both enjoy some martial arts as well, as much for the self-control aspect as anything. But that's the future, and a kid can only do so much at a time. Summer means kiddy baseball, tennis, and camp for my son this year, and hopefully that will keep him entertained without wearing him out.


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