Yes, I'm alive

It's been a LONG TIME since I've been writing.... *counts on fingers* August, September, October...

The reason for the extended absence is simple, I'm pregnant again. This is the last of four and hopefully a girl this time. I love my boys but I'm drowning in testosterone. I'm also one of those lucky people who gets morning ( all day and all night) sickness. But I'm heading into month four, suddenly I feel good again.

I had an OLD linksys Wireless Access Point crap out on me over the weekend, really annoying. The link between the computers hooked up via the wireless system and the one computer (working as a router) connected via a cable went caput. I have no idea how it fried itself, but I have a new one now and the house is working again, hurrah! Of course I spent a whole day making sure it was the AP that was the problem, it's not something you can test that one new crossover cable, one new nic, and lots of time testing the setup later, I concluded it was the AP with the brain fart. I'd just never realized that it could die so easy..but it is linksys I suppose....

This is turning out to be a really random entry, just getting into the habit again, I seldom go on and on about myself though. I got very wet trick-or-treating last night. My two boys didn't want to stop though, so we kept going, on foot, for almost an hour in the rain. Crazy kids.

I'm gone for three months and those php guys STILL don't have 5.1 out - which sucks because it's lots better than 5.0 and I only write for 5.1 at this point, so none of my stuff is usable to most people. Extremely annoying.

I'm so out of the loop in coding, writing, life in general. Three months spending most of the day in bed does that to you. I swear if men had morning sickness there would be a heck of a lot more research and a LOT more drugs - currently there's like a total of two, and wonderful me - I'm extremely prone to side effects. One knocks me out better than nyquil and the other just plain doesn't work. Lovely.

Well, I'll try and write something more useful later. I just wrote a quick scene with Nephrite changing a diaper...but I have some work to do to get it into a story that's rolling in my mind.

Enjoy your sugar high!!


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